Choosing the Right Wine Bottle for Engraved Personalization

Choosing the Right Wine Bottle for Engraved Personalization

Wine has been a classic option for presents over centuries. When it is presented in personalized & engraved liquor bottles, the value doubles. When it comes to personalization, one must consider the size, shape, and color of the bottle for aesthetic reasons. Just like the flavors, there are several bottle styles available with different cultural significance. Here are some of the popular types of wine bottles that one must know before ordering for engraving customization:

Bordeaux bottle

This is the world’s most famous wine bottle, originally from the Bordeaux region of France. It comes in many colors and features straight sides and prominent, high shoulders. Red wines are usually packaged in dark green or brown bottles to protect them from the sun while they age. These bottles are generally meant for white wines. A bottle of Bordeaux wine may contain the varietals Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Sauvignon Blanc. Many wineries use this dramatic bottle for their treasured reserve reds.

Burgundy bottle

This French bottle, which was made in the 19th century in the Burgundy region, has lovely, sloping shoulders. Its global appeal can be traced partly to the shape’s ease of production by glassmakers. Due to its Burgundian origins, this specific shape remains the traditional receptacle for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the two iconic wines of that region. Burgundy bottles are commonly used to contain light, fruity reds and oak-aged whites. The sellers of personalized & engraved liquor bottles often choose Burgundy bottles because of their effortless design and a standard capacity of 750 ml.

Sparkling wine bottles

These bottles are thicker and heavier and can resist high pressure and tame those lovely bubbles. Sparkling wine bottles feature a deep “punt” or dent in the bottom that deepens the bottle’s strength and slightly sloping shoulders. Although these days, lots of sparkling rosés are served in a clear bottle to flaunt the attractive tint, these celebration-makers are typically green to protect older vintages from sun damage.

Port bottles

Port bottles have high, graceful shoulders, similar to Bordeaux bottles. However, there is one significant difference: bottles for Port-style wines typically include a bulb in the neck to catch sediment—which can come from aging—during pouring. 


Labeled by many names, including Rhone, Hock, Alsace, Mosel, and Schlegelflasche (German for “drumstick bottle”), this tall, slender bottle is ideal for Riesling, both the dry and the sweet types. It can also be used for wines made of other Alsatian grapes, like Gewürztraminer. In comparison to other wine bottles, these bottles are more delicate. The overall design of the bottle has a luxury feel, and these can be effortlessly transformed into personalized and engraved liquor bottles.

Ice Bottles

Intense and sometimes expensive ice wines are packaged in tall, slender bottles that are only half as large as a standard wine bottle. The thin design adds a touch of refinement to a meal’s end, and the lower volume is appropriate with the smaller glasses typically used for dessert and iced wines.

Choosing The Right Colour For Engraved Bottles

Although wine bottles have a variety of colors, amber and dark green are the most common. Consider a darker bottle, like one in antique green or amber, to present red wines that take longer to age. These bottles give better UV protection than clear bottles, preserving the product as it ages and minimizing oxidation or stalling.

Red wine is usually served in amber wine bottles, whereas sweet white wine is typically served in dark green wine bottles. Dry white wine is often packaged in light green wine bottles. The green glass protects the wine from natural sunlight, which can break down essential antioxidants like vitamin C and tannins in the wine over time, affecting storability and leading the wine to oxidize prematurely. Dark glass can prolong the duration of storage by preventing oxidation.


Generally, the type of grapes used in a wine’s production and the region are related to the bottle’s shape. When choosing personalized & engraved liquor bottles for gifting purposes, one must consider the shape and color of the wine bottle. It is also essential to choose the right bottle size. The bottle comes in a whopping 14 different sizes. The most popular sizes are 187 ml, also known as the “airplane bottle,” 375 ml, “half bottle,” 750 ml, and “magnum,” 1.5 L.