A paternity test while being pregnant? That is possible

A paternity test while being pregnant? That is possible

Several events could lead to this particular moment: you are pregnant and you do not know who the father is. You would like to find out, preferably before the baby comes, but you do not know what to do to. Luckily, there is a possibility to find out the answer. And it is quick as well.

Paternity test

It is possible to perform a non-invasive DNA test while pregnant, as early as 7 weeks after conception. First you call the company for a free consultation. They will discuss with you what is the best option for you and how you would like to pay. The mom will have to provide a blood sample and the alleged father will have to provide a cheek swab. The mom will have to visit a professional DNA-collection location to have her blood drawn. For the alleged father it depends on whether the results are for yourselves or for using them in court. For the non-invasive pre-natal paternity test, the test kit can only be bought directly from an official DNA-collection location. All tests will be performed twice in the lab, by independent teams, to get a more accurate result.

Difference Legal Test and Non-Legal Test

Sometimes the paternity test is being used for legal matters. If you only want to know the result, without using it in court, a non-legal test will be sufficient. In that case no names will be mentioned on the report. The possible father could do a home test if the results are not being used for legal matters. If they will be used in court, the cheek swab of the alleged father will have to be witnessed.

How do you obtain the results?

You will receive the results within 7 days, starting from the date the sample arrives at the lab. There is a way to receive the results within 3 days, but an additional fee will be charged. This test will only give results for paternity, with an optional gender identification. Do you want more information about health, or family history, you will need to do different tests. A PDF file of the DNA testing result can be downloaded from a secured online account on the website. The results will not be sent by e-mail, not even a copy, for security reasons. When it comes to a legal paternity test, a hard-copy will be given to all tested parties as well.

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